Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers.

About Cuddle Therapy

Everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood and sometimes a hug is all we need.

If you are looking for emotional support and wanting to feel valuable, this is your place.

At first, the concept of paying for cuddles seems strange. Who would pay for such a service? The fact is that Cuddling Practitioners have been around for over a decade.

As technology continues to revolutionise how we communicate with others and allows for more productive careers. Some studies suggest that technology is killing the human touch. Our brains are being rewired and our interpersonal skills are suffering. 

Intimate relationships can be difficult to establish, finding someone to confide in and be vulnerable with is near impossible. We understand that life can be stressful and lonely at times and, like us, you value the benefits a simple hug can give.

Sadly, many people come from communities where they were never, or rarely, touched by their parents, family members, or friends or only experience touch through sex. There’s a better way. Cuddling provides mutually beneficial touch that many of us never received in the past or currently do not experience in the present. Much like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, professional therapeutic touch through cuddling is healing and transformative when it happens in a respectful and emotionally safe way. The protocols About Love  establish and preserve these conditions.

We will provide a safe, non- judgemental approach to offer consensual platonic touch wherever you are and help you beat the blues so that you can become an empowered, connected and confident person.

Why a Cuddle?

Get ready for a relaxing experience that will soothe your spirit and quiet your mind. Your session can include hugging, spooning, holding hands, sharing compassion and kind words.


What is it for?

● Decrease anxiety and depression

● Improve immunity,

● Enhance mood,

● Stimulates oxytocin (the 'love hormone')

● Build self esteem

● Increase trust and self reliance

Amanda Souza

Founder of About Love Healing Center, Brazilian based in Sydney, cuddle therapist, reikiana, thetahealer passionate and quantum enthusiast. 
I am a true visionary manifester, I love learning about spiritual development/awareness/quantum physics and law of attraction. Everything is achievable in the field of possibilities, with the help of techniques that I’ve learnt throughout my 10 years studying the universe. My mission is to share love ❤️


Hiring me as your Cuddle Therapist

What you may receive is a very relaxed time, lots of cuddles and affection, head  rubs, back scratches, pure presence, and time in company of the divine feminine. I am a great listener with a big heart! I offer genuine unconditional love. I transfer this through loving touch.


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