We care about you

Get ready for a relaxing experience that will soothe your spirit and quiet your mind. Your session can include hugging, spooning, holding hands, sharing compassion and kind words

What you may receive is a very relaxed time, lots of cuddles and affection, head scratches, pure presence, and time in company of the divine feminine. I am a great listener with a big heart! I offer genuine unconditional love. I transfer this through loving touch.

- AUD 80 per session (around 45 - 50 minutes)

Cuddles & Coffee in a safe, private and non judgmental place, or do you want simply be near someone else?
This session we will have lots of cuddles and a lovely chat
- AUD 150 (around 1 hour and half)

A generous two hours of cuddle watching a film or TV series

The movie of your choice from NetFlix

Popcorn, healthy snacks and beverages provided

- AUD 200


Monday's  8am-2pm and after 8pm

Tuesday's after 8pm

Wednesday's after 6:00pm

Thursday's after 8pm

Friday's 8am-2pm

Saturday's 8am-5pm

Anahata Clinic

299, crown st,  Surry Hills - Sydney

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